Rowe Mediation

Mediation is an informal, confidential, guided process that provides clients with a framework and tools to explore ways out of conflicts at impasse. Parties receive individual attention and may address their unique goals directly. A mediator is a guardian of process who helps define the issues and directs the focus from blame to solutions.

     Time and cost of resolving disputes are greatly reduced because parties can explore crafting their own mutually acceptable solutions for all types of conflicts without legal delays, and no legal rights are lost.

 Clients are encouraged to get all the information they need to allow them to proceed toward finding solutions in a safe, structured setting.
When signed, mediated agreements become enforceable contracts.

When is mediation useful?
     Whenever communication is stuck; a contract has failed, family conflicts, estate planning/conservatorships, distributions of real or personal property following the dissolution of a family or business, civil cases, construction, criminal misdemeanor and insurance claims, community impact disputes, insurance claims and artist-gallery contract disputes, workplace issues, and divorce/custody.

     Mediation isn’t  just for “nice” cases. Highly charged matters are well suited to mediation since participants are heard, kept on track, encouraged to address goals directly, and not pressured to accept any alternative they do not find acceptable.

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